Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The last day of February

What i have learned on the last day of February in 2017 in my life?

1. Trust is mend to be broken? I dont know.
2. Life is short. But you may plan your life wisely.
3. Do not waste food. Yes. I fried the tenggiri after 1 week + in the freezer.
4. Be thankful on what you have now. My son is getting well.
5. Sadaqah can comes in many form. Yay! I have finally get the 4th anak susuan tonight.
6. You are naive before. Dont be too hard on yourself.
7. Sajadah is the best mat in the world. My babysister brought me the thick one last weekend. :)
8. Be forgiven to all the misjudgement in your younger days. Still trying.
9. Betrayal is one of a biggest form of a heartbreak.
10. You are enough today. Be happy on yourself.
11. Forgiveness is cheap.
12. Laugh anytime. Dont take life too seriously.
13. Cry while prostrate is a very satisfying act.
14. Love deeply at anytime. To anyone. To anything.
15. Breastfeeding is a norm.
16. Always attend to yourself first. Regardless in any circumstances.
17. Respect is to be earned. Despite your position.
18. Dreams do came true.
19. Clean eating is hard when you are breastfeed . Alasan much :p
20. Life is about living. Hidup je laaahh
21. Do not suppress your emotions. Say ' fuck you ' when necessary. Lol
22. Blood is thicker than water or water is thicker than blood? Idk. No blood no water at the moment.
23. Everything in this world is on loan terms
24. Make mistake and admit. Please make sure its never be repeated trice. Hehe
25. Hard boiled eggs is a great source of protein. I am hungry all the time.
26. You are alone in your life. What? You dont realised that before?
27. My son is the reason why i am still here. This is absolutely true.
28. I am bored despite the busyness. Typical me.
29. What? It's March already? 😱

May March bring us more greatness in life.

Good night and sleep tide. 😘

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